Melotti's Farm

The countryside is Melotti Family's biggest passion: a feeling with deep and ancient roots.

This passion has been inspired by tradition in accordance with the environment, human beings and the quality of life, all passed with enthusiasm from father to son. About the environment, the generosity and charm of the land of Isola della Scala in the South of Verona has abundantly lavished the cultivations of Vialone Nano Rice.

The clear and spring water and unique substances made these cultivations possible togheter, always, with the love for this beautiful land.


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Giuseppe Melotti Family, farmers for generation, has specialized in the farming of the finest Italian rices such as VIALONE NANO VERONESE Rice and CARNAROLI Rice, and they has been producing the finest qualities of italian rice since 1986.

The Melotti Farm is located in Isola della Scala a special region in the south of Verona in Northern Italy. This is a well-known area for the rice growing, thanks to its spring water and organic soils. 

Giuseppe Melotti and his wife Rosetta, together with their sons Luca, Gianmaria and Francesca directly follow the cultivation, the processing and the sail of their rice. The distribution channels range from high class restaurants, specialized delicatessen and gourmet shops.

In 2002 the first Risotteria Melotti was opened in Isola della Scala, thanks to the culinary experience of “Mamma Rosetta”. The idea of opening a Risotteria Melotti in New York came to make this typical and traditionally italian dish known and cooked by us, with the rice we produce. Since 2013 the New York restaurant Risotteria Melotti NYC is fulfilling the Melotti Family dream. It has been located in the very trendy East Village in the city of Manhattan. 

Our restaurants offer a wide range of rice-based specialities and a selection of Risotto from Verona and Veneto Region.


Melotti Farm can count on its part a direct point of sale dedicated to rices and rice-based specialties. In addition to this it can also be proud of an educational area called “A trip around the rice”, meant to convey and spread the knowledge of the territory and the cultivation of italian rice, which is appreciated all over the world.


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The brave choice of Melotti Family to produce and process only self-cultivated rice went against the market flow, which pushed consumers toward poor and low-price products, or better toward industrial rice.


The family produce and process its rice, following high-quality standard criteria.


The processing methods remain the same as hundreds years ago, when the very first rice fields were born in the neighborhoods of Verona. The same attention and care for the selection and cultivation of the best lands is given to the rice-process. This process does not undergo any chemical or genetical manipulation. Thanks to this loving work the rice arrive intact and genuine on the connoisseurs tables, whom appreciate it for its taste and aroma.

Our Work

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Our work:


The good cultivation of the Melotti's Vialone Nano Veronese Rice starts form the preparation of the lands by plowing, levelling and fertilizing the soil.


We practice the sowing only with rigorous selected kernels, which guarantee a high quality and uniform production.


The rice-field's culture needs to be followed out day by day, in order to control the floods' turnover of spring water and the following drainages, according to the growing stages of the plant and the weather conditions.


Giuseppe Melotti, supported in the Farm’s agricultural management by his son Luca, follows personally the growing evolution of the Vialone Nano Veronese Rice.


For Melotti's Farm the choice of the timing for the rice harvest is also essential for a high-quality output of the product.


The unrefined rice ('risone') dries at a low temperature before getting stored in the Farm's aired rooms.


After the removal of the outer husk (the 'chaff') and the buffing of the rice, each kernel undergoes a further selection in a way which permit only the best grains to be wrapped. The Melotti's Vialone Nano Veronese Rice is ready to reach any consumer in its purity and genuineness.

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