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4,40 €

Emollient and protective, this Lips Stick makes silky lips of anyone. Especially recommendedduring the winter season.

9,90 €

Delicate body wash which sweetly deterge skin of the whole family. It gives to the body a sensation of freshness and smoothness.

9,40 €

Liquid soap created with sweet surfactants which allow an efficient cleanness butdelicate at the same time. For all skin types.

9,90 €

This gentle shampoo washes without altering physiological balance of the hair, kee-ping it soft and shining. For all hair types.

10,40 €

Soft with a rapid absorption cream that deep hydrates the skin. Right from the startthe hands are softer and smoother..

11,40 €

Easily applicable face cream with light texture. For all skin types, it makes the facebrighter and more relaxed.

12,40 €

Easily applicable and gentle body cream. It donates an immediate hydration and soft-ness feelings.